Here is the pizzagate video that has garnered a lot of media attention due to the fact that my employer put me in a video with Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC who repealed net neutrality. The media decided that slandering me as a conspiracy theorist was somehow an argument against the repeal of net neutrality.
In reality, this video was taken when I was a burlesque performer in NYC in my Brooklyn apartment during the time EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT PIZZAGATE. I did not realize I as not allowed to utter the words pizzagate since everyone else was, and I was just a performer making a silly video to upload to youtube.
Years ago I saw a video about Kathy O'Brien on MK Ultra, a REAL government program where they did some sketchy shit. I stated that Kathy made some claims about the Clintons in her speech. I am in no way endorsing what she said, but I am certainly referencing it, here is the link to her full speech, it's very interesting. 
I then spoke about my experience on the deep web in 2014 where I was told in a chat room, "be careful of cheese pizza". I asked, "what is cheese pizza?" The person I was chatting with informed me that it was code word for child porn, which it IS IN FACT A REAL CODE WORD FOR CHILD PORN. A source for this:
The video is silly and funny and NOWHERE do I mention the DC pizza joint comet ping pong and the conspiracy related to that. All the assumptions and out of context information provided by the media is what Trump is talking about when he talks about THE LYING MEDIA and FAKE NEWS. So the media decided to pick on me, in response to the repeal of net neutrality. I had nothing to do with net neutrality or the Ajit Pai video.
I was a new hire and was asked to dance in a video. I am actually a professional DANCER, not reporter, so I was like, " sure, this is what i do best." After the media wanted to use me to discredit Ajit Pai, the media site I worked for did not allow me to defend myself, and they did not make any attempt to clear up any false accusations against me.
I wanted to upload this video to show everyone exactly what my video was. A really silly and funny video mixed with my experience on the deep web. Enjoy! 
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