Between the left trying to control thoughts, speech, writing and actions, and the right calling anyone that is polite on twitter a SIMP or white knight, the right needs to take another look at chivalry. We already have a mechanism in place for social cohesion, an that is Etiquette. Sunday Etiquette Stream will go through the standard American guide by Emily Post published in 1922. Click image to view playlist.



ARTSTREAM is back to it's regularly scheduled programming. Tuesdays. This time we will go through Yale's curriculum, analyze them and then start working through the standard art history course starting with prehistoric and ancient art, through the middle ages and all the way to modern and postmodernism. Click image to view playlist. 



Latin for "all in one". Mondays will be a day to talk about any random topic or current event, even politics. Click image to view playlist.



Alchemy is the precursor to science. Outer alchemy is about the physical world, the scientific world. Wednesdays will be about diving deeper into the physical aspect of alchemy along with history. 

Most people think of Alchemy as turning lead to gold. But it is also about the INNER transmutation from lead to gold. Alchemy requires both the outer work AND the inner work. Carl Jung explored these concepts among many other philosophers. Thursdays we will explore inner alchemy.

Click image to view playlist.

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