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Martina Markota is excited to have her art showcased as NFT's at the upcoming Art Basel in Miami this week with DataVault. 


DataVault will be showcasing a 'metaverse gallery' and Martina Markota's photography as well as her Lady Alchemy persona will be exhibited. 


The exhibit will be open to view Dec 2-5. You can see her work being showcased at dvtnft.com/marketplace

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hand of philosopher lady alchemy standing.jpg




For a decade, Martina was known as Lady Alchemy, a performance artist in NYC. Most of the work was live, on a stage, but the work also lent itself nicely to photography and video. You can find a collection of digital media featuring Lady Alchemy 

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Ignorance & Envy are full of Slander.


clothing, accessories, and merchandising.

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After being blacklisted the only way to keep Lady Alchemy alive was through comic books. This idea was in perfect timing with the boom of independent comics with pro creators ALSO dealing with political prejudice. Martina teamed up with some comic book pros and is producing her first comic book. Check out more about the story and where to find it!





Before the 2016 election Martina was looking for other like minded artist because she felt so alone in a world of extreme leftists. In 2013 she became friends with SABO LA street artist. After the 2016 election it was evident that the right needed artist for the culture war more than ever. Martina collected dozens of like minded artist friends but they didn't have a cohesive platform or community. The idea for Virtus Liber Magazine is to feature talent and help promote the arts with less of a left wing agenda and more just good art and cool people with a large print magazine. Check out the progress and expected publication date.

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