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Culture War

We are currently living in a culture war. As an artist in NYC, I have found it extremely difficult to continue my work, owing to the left’s hate campaign directed towards me. These so-called ‘liberals’ have often said that I must change my views if I am to continue my work as an artist. These people simply cannot fathom how an artist can be conservative, they believe that I am the only one and that I must change.

My reaction to this has been to remind them that as an artist, I must think outside the box. I do not simply follow trends. Since the community has spread libel, including all the usual ‘Nazi’, ‘Racist’ and ‘KKK’ smears, and encouraged outrage, blacklisting and demonization, I have had various artists reach out to me in support.

It turns out that there are many others just like me, who are not willing to subscribe to the leftist notion of political correctness, modern feminism and anti-Americanism.

It is our duty to shift the culture from within. Not only can we find support with each other for work and camaraderie, but we are fellow soldiers in this war. If we want to change anything and stop living in fear and secrecy, we must learn how to incorporate our message, even if in subtle ways, into our work. The left are not subtle, they have been outwardly throwing their views in our face and no one has dared to question them. They convinced us that we don't have a chance to to speak up.

It all starts with the arts. We lost the arts to the left and they turned it into degenerate nonsense. They took over Hollywood and every single show and movie is flooded with their propaganda. I want to bring back refinement to the arts. I want to bring back traditional programs that are not just persistent digs at conservatives, white people or heterosexuals. Watching their programs, it seems evident to me that they have the wrong idea of who we are, and simply consider us a caricature of what we really are. I would like to see more programs that feature more realistic ideas of what our culture is.

I don’t appear to be the only one who shares these views. I have met several great artists on the Trump Train, and I want to introduce you to one today.

People will be surprised that we look just like them, some have tattoos, are young, minorities, gay, men and women. We are everywhere, most just don't want to deal with the drama that the left bring. We tend to stay quiet, and civilized.

The portrait above is an etching of Jordan Peterson by Jon Selwyn Art, using scratchboard. The skill and technical ability is obvious, and the subject is also as refined. Jordan Peterson came to my attention after seeing a Youtube video of him getting harassed by social justice warrior students at Toronto University, where he is a tenured professor of psychology. He is a Canadian clinical psychologist whose research interests include self-deception, mythology, religion, narrative, neuroscience, personality, deception, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

Jordan Peterson has become our light in this movement, especially as a University educator where conservatives feel we have no place and no one to look up to. Mr. Peterson has been posting lectures online to educate the world. He has said that "the ability to post video lectures online, with the ability to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people is a revolution equivalent to the Gutenberg press."

He also recently told us: "I have had more than a million views on my YouTube channel. That's more people than have bought my book or read my papers, by a large margin. So maybe that's the real future of education -- particularly given what the universities have done with the social sciences and humanities".

The cricket on Peterson's shoulder represents the human conscience, as it is symbolized by the story of Pinocchio. You can find lectures on YouTube where Mr. Peterson details the meaning of Pinocchio and how we can interpret it for today's society. It’s really interesting and I encourage you to watch it.

This type of artwork by Jon Selwyn and subject material like Jordan Peterson is beautiful. Art with meaning, skill and talent along with a subject that represents our deeper passions for ethics and deeper meaning. I am so tired of menstruation art and excited to see works with more refinement.

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